American Gage is a trusted supplier of products and services serving Southern California for over 30 years.

We maintain a Quality System that complies with international standards.  The management and personnel commitment enables our laboratories to meet world-class standards.


To download a copy of our accreditation certificate and scope, please click on the logo below: 



Our Quality System complies with the requirements of:

  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 10012
  • GMP/GLP, 21CFR & USP

We utilize state of the art, powerful and flexible enterprise software to satisfy customers’ vast requirements.  With features such as Full Audit Trail Support, Electronic Signatures, and User Name/Password protection that complies to most standards.  Our customers are provided the convenient access to real time equipment tracking, equipment history backtracking, and printing certificates online to name a few of the features of our software’s “browser edition”. Service requests are also available in this online portal.  No audit hassles, no file digging or lost paperwork.  Everything is available paperless!

Built on the extremely powerful ColdFusionTM platform, our Browser Edition allows web browsers to view data in a safe mode.  Here are some of the basic features of our Browser Edition.

Core Features:

  • Search multiple departments/sub departments
  • Search for equipment
  • View equipment event history
  • Create common reports with simplified report filter interface
  • View certs, equipment and event documents
  • Requires only a simple Internet Browser for access
  • Online help guides novice users through use
  • Auto-Logout maintains user sessions automatically
  • Uses preferences to ensure compatible views
  • Anonymous logins can be used for group or department shared access