At American Gage, temperature is one of our many specialties!

Our fleet of Fluke metrology baths, furnaces and LN2 fixed point allow us to generate temperatures from -196 to 1000°C.

We utilize a 7080 high precision bath for the range of -60° to 110°C.

Our 7341 deep well bath is utilized for the range of -45° to 150°C and is used for partial or full immersion LIG thermometers.

The 6045 bath allows us to achieve temperatures from 60 to 400°C.

We utilize multiple 6050H salt baths for the measurements in the range of 180-550°C.

Our 9115A freeze-point furnace is capable of generating temperatures of 550-1000°C.

Triple point of Water (TPW) is maintained in our 7312 maintenance bath.

We monitor our baths with multiple SPRT’s and multiple Fluke 1594A Super Thermometers. These combinations allow us to achieve uncertainties as low as ±0.007°C.

Our infrared thermometry capabilities range from -15-500°C. We utilize Fluke’s 4180/4181 IR calibrators.

Humidity is generated/measured utilizing a Thunder Scientific 2500. This state of the art generator allows us to generate humidity from 10-95% RH with uncertainties as low as 0.58%.