Laboratory Calibration

Our facility offers some of the latest metrology equipment and highly trained personnel that perform both manual and automated verification and calibration. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality service in the timeliest manner.

  • Pick-up and Delivery Services: We have delivery vans available to do pick-up and delivery service in your area. Please feel free to contact customer service for schedule and availability
  • Expedited Services: Our standard turnaround is 5-7 business days. Some equipment such as gage block sets fall under the special equipment turnaround time which is 7-10 business days. We also offer expedited turnaround for a fee. Please contact customer service for price and availability.

Onsite Calibration

When you cannot afford downtime or interruptions to your manufacturing process due to turnaround time, on-site calibration is available for most equipment. Our scheduling specialist will assist you with booking a convenient date and our technician(s) will come to you, equipped with standards to perform the calibration at your facility.

  • Emergency Calibration Services: We also offer emergency calls for after-hours and weekends to help you if you are in a bind. You can contact our customer service representative for scheduling and questions.
  • Staffing Services: We have GMP trained process technicians available for temporary or permanent on-site deployment to supplement your manpower. Whether it’s to complete a project or to help on scheduled maintenance/calibration, we have it covered. Please feel free to inquire if you would like to know more about this service.



We have repair capabilities from Mechanical, Electrical and even troubleshooting services for process applications. American Gage provides estimates and evaluates your equipment before proceeding with any repairs. Our policy is not to exceed 50% of the new cost of the unit when giving estimates or we provide recommendation that the unit is beyond economical repair. We cannot perform repairs on hand tools with no manufacturer support for parts (China-made brands).

Mechanical Repair

  • Dimensional Gage Repair: Every hand tool received in our laboratory is cleaned and lubricated if necessary. Minor repairs and battery replacement are included in the calibration for the most brands, but if the tool needs repair, you can count on us too. We stock common replacement parts for major gage manufacturers such as Mitutoyo, Starrett, Interapid, SPI, etc. You will receive an estimate with price and turnaround time if the parts are still available or supported by the manufacturer.
  • Surface Plate Resurfacing: Most small granite plates (6”x8”) sent in our laboratory are lapped to ±.0001 (if necessary). For bigger plates, we offer re-surfacing to meet the desired class. If the plate is out of tolerance (>.001”) or is badly pitted or nicked, we recommend factory grinding or relapping.
  • Hardness Tester Repair: We also offer repair service for hardness testers.
  • Drogue Kits


Electrical Repair

For major adjustments and board replacements, we have certified repair technicians to handle your electrical repair needs. Repair estimates are available upon request (for a low fee) and are waived when you approve the repair.



We have experienced technicians in troubleshooting process issues to help you comply with standards such as GMP, USP, SAE, BAC, NADCAP, AMS2750, and others. We can troubleshoot process controls, heaters, ovens and various types of instrumentation issues.



We never stop expanding our capabilities and recently commenced into the validation field. Our acquisition of Kaye validators and recent advancement of our temperature and humidity laboratory enables us to pursue this niche. We have the equipment and personnel available to help with your process and equipment qualifications: Design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ).