Flow Calibration

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We are proud to announce the major addition in our list of capabilities:  Gas Flow Calibration


Our Fluke Calibration molbloc/molbox System has an accuracyof ± 0.25% of reading from 10% to 100% FS, ± 0.025% FS under 10% FS and  consists of 6 flow elements:

Flow Module                       Range

5E1-VCR-V-Q                       50 SCCM

5E2-VCR-V-Q                       500 SCCM

5E3-VCR-V-Q                       5 SLM

5E1-S                                           25 SLM

5E2-S                                          250 SLM

5E3-S                                          2500 SLM