Outsourcing Calibration Services

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As the mix of products at customer locations has become more heterogeneous, the demand for calibration services for various types of equipment, including electrical, mechanical,

dimensional, and physical, at one location is expected to further increase over the forecast period. Companies are forced to increase their capabilities both organically and through partnerships and acquisitions. Another challenge for most of the calibration services market is the globalization of customers and the growing demand for a single global service provider. Calibration services companies are striving to expand their global footprint to cater to this emerging demand. At the same time, price pressure from the multitude of niche participants in the market, the overall macro-economic conditions, and decreasing defense budgets are expected to restrain market growth. Growth of modular instrumentation has reached a significant share of the total general-purpose test equipment market in North America and is expected to make further inroads over the forecast period. Most suppliers of calibration services focus on providing calibration services for traditional instruments, but the instrumentation market is shifting to modular, and customers can calibrate modular instruments more easily than they could calibrate traditional instruments.

Engage in a win-win partnership with calibration service providers

1. Conduct on-site supplier pre-qualification audits designed to assist providers with quality and technical requirements through technical information exchange , joint training programs and process improvement projects

2. Involve providers in developmental projects that involve the use of their product(s)

3. Joint involvement in organizations, committees, and associations, e.g., NCSLI, MSC, ASQ, ISA, NAPT, etc…

4. Create and maintain a Metrology group that will oversee and provide consultation assistance to calibration service providers. Calibration as an application may be outsourced, but metrology as a science cannot be bought or sold. You may only choose to retain it!