Web based calibration data viewer

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With communication via the Internet a normal part of business life, the availability of real-time information is no longer a word, it’s an expectation.

Cloud computing has become a part of our daily lives.  From banking automation to social media platforms, this generation is heavily dependent on “on-demand computing”.  That is why American Gage strives hard to provide its customers 24/7 support through a self-help web interface. Our customers have the freedom to generate recall reports, view certificates of calibration, invoicing, asset history, and coordination of scheduling work.  Through departmental segregation of data, department heads can quickly review assets and associated reports for the equipment in their control.  This provides the freedom to perform on-demand recall reports or pull archived certificates of calibration 24/7.

Now comes security and stability issues.  When you put your data out in the cloud, there is always the question of how secured it is going to be and when you need it, “will it be available?”. We’ll discuss this in my next blog.